Love Hungry Girl? Eat Kosher? We're Here to Help!


Like you, we love Hungry Girl! Her amazing recommendations have help us find favorite foods over and over again. But, we often have to go product and hashgacha hunting after reading her rave reviews!

As long as we are doing the research, we wanted to share it with you. On this site you will find frequent posts that let you know which HG recommended products are kosher.

Please share information with us and we will post it here. Know about a product that will soon become kosher? Let us know. Know why a company bothered with a hashgacha, let us know!



Special - and Kosher - K

We have to admit, we were disappointed with HG's review about the Walden Farms peanut butter. But, when we got to the end of today's newsletter, we were thrilled to see she gave the new Special K cinnamon pecan cereal an 8.5! That's a rating we can get on board with, and since we're always looking to mix things up with our morning cereal, we were thrilled to learn that this product is K-Pareve according to the Rabbinical Council of New England.  Betayavon!

Peanut Butter Thursday

We don't know about you,  but we were thrilled this morning when our HG newsletter arrived heralding the new calorie free and sugar free Walden Farms creamy peanut butter spread! Unfortunately, the reviews weren't good, but since this KosherGal has got a serious hankering for peanut butter, I'm just going to have to test it out myself.  I can't wait to be able to enjoy a delicious peanut butter and jelly panini guilt free! And the best part is that this product is certified OU kosher! Enjoy!

Fiber Fabulous

Today's HG is all about being fiber fabulous! FiberGourmet's Short Cut  Fettucine is certified OU kosher! With 130 calories and 20 grams of fiber per serving,  the $22.50 for 10 packages is really worth it! Plus, it has a 2-year shelf life so this is one pasta you'll be putting away with your Chametz this Pesach! 



Krinkle Sticks

Did you see HG today?

Krinkle Sticks? Almost didn't check this one. We thought for sure they wouldn't be kosher but check out this cute response on their website!

Q: Are LesserEvil Krinkle Sticks kosher?
A: You betcha yarmakule! Our Classic SeaSalt, Old School Bar-B-Que, and Cajun KaBOOM! are all OU certified, and our SourCream & Onion is OU-D certified. Some of the other products from this company are not (yet) kosher so make sure you check labels.

2 pts per serving.



Torani Syrup!

Guess what we just saw with our own non-virtual eyeballs! Torani syrup with an OK hashgacha!

We called the OK and are happy to share a list of sugar-free Toranis with the hasgacha! Unfortunately Torani does not display this info on their website, but that's why we are here for you.

OK certified Torani syrups
Sugar Free Black Cherry
Sugar Free Caramel
Sugar Free Chocolate
Sugar Free Chocolate Macadamia Nut Syrup
Sugar Free Cocunut Syrup
Sugar Free Coffee
Sugar Free English Toffee
Sugar Free French Vanilla
Sugar Free Hazelnut -dairy
Sugar Free Irish Cream
Sugar Free Lemon Syrup
Sugar Free Lime
Sugar Free Mango
Sugar Free Mango Syrup
Sugar Free Orange
Sugar Free Peach Syrup
Sugar Free Peppermint
Sugar Free Raspberry
Sugar Free Strawberry Syrup
Sugar Free Sweetener
Sugar Free Vanilla
Sugar Free Vanilla Bean
Sugar Free Watermelon
Sugar Free White Chocolate Syrup

We know they are hard to find in store - so here is a link where you can order them online.



Kosher Cocktails

Last week, HG came out with a holiday cocktail list for those of us who like to drink but are still watching our waistlines! She's a huge fan of the Torani sugar-free syrups that can be found in your supermarket and behind the counters of most Starbucks, so we're still trying to track down whose kosher certification appears on these bottles. As soon as we find out, we'll let you know!

In the meantime, since her recipe calls for vodka, the following imported vodka's are certified OU: Absolut, Binyamina, Canadian Iceberg, Carmel, Lavel, Grey Goose, Pravda, and Stolichnaya.

And, if you're curious about the kashrut of other alcohols, check out the Star-K's approved list.


Right here on HG's Top Ten List is one of her favorites... Unsweetened Almond Breeze - vanilla flavor. We love the sweetened version but she raves about this 40 calorie creamy stuff and we are pleased to tell you that the OU has given these blue boxes of "milk" their approval.


Cary's Sugar Free Maple Syrup!

We've had this one in our home for a while. Cary's sugar free syrup is kosher certified by the Orthodox Union... OU!


If you've ever read HG - you've heard about Vitamuffins. The good news is that they proudly display a chof-k on the packaging for their muffins. The vitatops actually have a different hashgacha - it is a large M with a small k above it - both in a box. We have inquired for more info but if anyone is familiar with this hashgacha - let us know!


2007's BEST 100-Calorie Snacks!!!!

The votes are in and Hungrygirl has just released the top 10 best 100-calorie snacks of 2007!  Now, KosherGirl is here to let you know which ones you can enjoy and which, well, you'll just have to hope will one day become kosher!

Chex 100 Calorie Snack Pouches, Chocolate Caramel

Even though HG voter's only selected the chocolate caramel flavor to grace this year's top 10, all three fantastic flavors (strawberry yogurt and cheddar are the other great offerings) are certified OU-Dairy!


Fiber Gourmet

Fiber Gourmet - KOSHER!

HG raved about this low point pasta here:

2 pts per serving.

Fiber Gourmet features the Chaf-K! The best news is that the creators of Fiber Gourmet eat kosher and assure us that future products will all be certified. They say we should keep a look out too because they have some amazingly exciting products planned. Betayavon!

More information is available on their website: